Frankfurt, 2015

A face in the crowd
Wetzlar, 2015

Your path is where your feet are heading
MUDEC- Milan, 2016

The pointless goal
Refugee camp- Wetzlar, 2015

Sleepless at full moon
Wetzlar ,  2015

Gothenburg,  2015

Wetzlar,  2015

Time Machine
Neuschwanstein, 2016

The moment in between
Braunfels, 2016

In flames
Mörsdorf, 2016

The call
Indore, 2014

The helping hand
Wetzlar, 2015

As ready as I'll ever be
Plansee, 2016

Snake eye
Indore, 2013

The architect of you
Milan, 2016

Why photography matters to me.

Photography teaches as much about visual impressions and storytelling as about life itself. It is a language which is spoken by everybody, no matter where you come from or who you are. Photography unites us because 
....we are all photographers.